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We just had a email update as the oldham dealer from

Dear Dealer

Apologies for not updating you sooner

As some of you already know, I crossed the Mongol Rally finish line on the 25th August at 11am as the 1st motorcycle to finish despite having a week in Ukraine.

It was an incredible if difficult experience, riding for 12 – 14 hrs everyday, getting lost in hot Russian cities, fighting with heavy Russian trucks on the motorways, climbing to 9,500 ft in the Altai mountains. Crossed 10 rivers (well 9 as a Mongolian jumped on my bike as I waded in to check depth!) to falling in a river and falling off more than I had planned! I met with the Kuwait Royal Family, ate goat, rode a camel and even met a Paris Dakar team who where practising… They rode my Apache (I rode a 990 Adventure) and they loved it… It won many fans everywhere I went and they couldn’t believe I had undertook the trip on a 125 with so much luggage!

There was a few low moments like getting stuck in Traffic in Russia for hours at 37 degrees in all my gear with no water, exhaust glowing red hot thinking the engine would melt… Or waking at 5am after 4 hrs sleep (slept outside a horrid fertiliser factory) to end up back there 6 hours later!(I did a huge loop!) To getting bribed $2000 at the Russian border (I waited 7 hrs in the end) to getting threatened, bribed and ripped off along the way…

I travelled over 10,000 miles in the end and my Apache really was phenomenal, (forget I’m a marketing man) it’s hard to describe the conditions and roads it was subjected too (a video is coming!) but it kept going even after being submerged in a river for what felt like a lifetime, she fired up again after I drained the carb and squeezed the air filter… I really, genuinely thought it was over for me then but she came back to life.

I even supported other teams who had broken down and ferried fuel and water to different teams… So a huge experience and one I won’t forget; I wanted to give up 1/2 way through Mongolia but after some rest I jumped on again and made it to the finish line! The bike didn’t get a rest as everyone there in Ulaanbaatar wanted to ride it! The bike could have been ridden home again but I was happy to drink beer in the bar! 

I would like to say a massive, HUGE thanks to all the dealers who supported me in lot’s of different ways from donating gear to supporting my charity; I couldn’t have done it without you and I will be making contact with you all personally.

So there you have it, me and my little orange Apache made it all the way to Ulaanbaatar! Who would have thought it!


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