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Sinnis 125 - The Sinnis Apache, the road bike that can take you around the world*.



Brighton based thirty-two-year-old Anthony Jackson has just made a 10,500-mile journey from Brighton, UK to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, in aid of Leukemia Research.

Having left on the 23rd July 2011 the journey has taken him across a total of 12 countries through mainland Europe, Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and finally to his destination - Mongolia - all on board his 125cc Sinnis Apache. Along this journey the Sinnis Apache battled hard to negotiate some of the worlds toughest terrain.


 “I never planned to undertake such a huge task initially but what better way to raise money for charity while at the same time pushing my boundaries and demonstrating that you don’t need a £20,000 motorcycle to get within a whisper of China!?” says Anthony, marketing director for Sinnis Motorcycles.

“Leukemia and Lymphoma research do an amazing job and I just want to try and raise as much as I can and hopefully get my Apache all the way to Ulaanbaatar – 10,500 miles away!







Anthony's Extensive Biking Experience

Anthony who has only been riding since 2008, did admit that his previous experience bking abroad is little more than, “a couple of hundred miles on Vespa in France!”

Like The 125cc That Will Take You Around The World?

*     "The road bike that can take you around the world" - Please be very clear, a Sinnis Apache has taken Anthony Jackson, on a considerable adventure crossing a big percentage of our globe. If you are considering doing the same you cannot just stick a tenners worth of fuel in your tank, grab your packed lunch, with Mars bar in pocket, and expect to replicate the same experience. If you are considering doing anything remotely similar there is alot of preparation involved, you must consider every aspect of safety and have backup for every eventuality, which may include yet not restricted to, correct insurance, correct documents, correct prepartation, mechanical backup. Sinnis Motorcycles will not support, nor will Carbay Ltd, any vehicle outside of the UK. If you're stuck on the top of a mountain at the far end of Asia, with a flat tire, broken shock and a wobbly back wheel, you're walking home without your bike. Furthermore this statement by no means is a guarantee that the Sinnis Apache 125cc will take you around the world, and Carbay Ltd cannot be held liable for any failure to do so. Anthony Jackson made the correct preparation and had the correct backup and this is not a small undertaking, which should be taken lightly.


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